Pinball Done Quick Premieres at AGDQ 2015

A new approach to competitive pinball piloted this week in conjunction with Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), an annual speed-run fundraising event for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event, held at the Dulles Hilton in Virginia, has live-streamed video game speed runs 24 hours a day since January 4th and is scheduled to make its final run January 11th at approximately 12 AM.

IMG_8769Speed-running is part of a competitive gaming evolution that originally credited a player’s “win” with the reward of initials on a game’s scoreboard at the local arcade. With the development of the console, games transitioned from leader-board objectives to game completion and gamers were left with the challenge of identifying a new way to compare their performance on their favorite games and to others in the competitive gaming community.   Speed-running provided the solution.

The general goal of a speed-run is to complete a game in part or in its entirety with the fastest time possible. Timing a game for fastest completion successfully blends the traditional goal of “best” score with the newer objective of finishing the game making game competitions challenging and measurable amongst competitors.

Pinball Done Quick is a new community for speed-running pinball. Chris Newsom, Joe Said and others are timing AGDQ attendees while they race to various wizard modes and other objectives.

Pinball Done Quick is a community effort.. for those interested in this approach can join the facebook group at:

Until about midnight Saturday night (January 10th 2015)